The Story Behind the Art-Picasso's Blue Nude

When one hears the name, Pablo Picasso, what probably comes to mind is the artist who created those wacky geometrical paintings we don't understand, a style known as Cubism. 

But, prior to this artistic experiment of reducing a subject to its simplest form, Picasso went through a phase of painting somber, realistic subjects in shades of blue known as his Blue Period. Why so blue, do you ask? Well, he was pretty depressed. 

The Blue Period lasted approximately between 1900-1904 beginning when his close friend, Carlos Casgemas committed suicide due to a failed love affair. The paintings reflected Picasso's experience of poverty, instability and sadness at this time in his life. 

One of my favorite paintings of Picasso is in this style, entitled Femme Nue II or Blue Nude. 

The model is seated with her back to the viewer with the perspective of looking down on the subject. To me, it evokes feelings of despair , rejection, and disengagement. On the contrary, it doesn't make me feel those feelings,  but rather I believe it heightens my empathy and compassion.

You may feel something different. That's the beauty of art. You feel what you feel and it isn't wrong. Picasso once said, " A painting, for me, speaks by itself, what good does it do, after all, to impart explantations?" 

A few years ago, I painted my own version of Femme Nue II. It hangs above my bathtub. 

Thanks for Reading!